16ART Contemporary review

16ART created his own magazine.

This new show is varied and unique. It is rhythmic dancing, singing, juggling fire. The costumes change with every scene as dances (tango, worn ...). The theme of this review is centered around the atmosphere of the Magnificent Gatsby, Moulin Rouge and neo burlesque. The viewer is taken elsewhere the course of an evening. Feast for the eyes and ears, 16ART has created a dynamic and elegant review service offered by professional and talented artists.


The show lasts 2 x 20 minutes with an intermission of 40 minutes. Particular technical means are necessary like having a scene of minimum 5m by 6m, hand microphones, headsets, and his return a backdrop.


To request a quote, please contact us via the contact page or by phone at +32 (0) 495 161 969.


Performance available for this artist