Billy & Charlie

Charlie began the piano at the age of 6 at the Conservatory and graduated as a pianist in 1998.

Pianist in renowned jazz clubs, he has also piloted several formations of jazz and French song and composed for television and the web.

In 2009, he decided to devote himself to the accompaniment of his singer Billy.

Several shows are available:

- Billy & Charlie(covers French, international, jazz, blues, bossa, ...). This duo has already, for 3 years, more than 150 performances to its credit. Its repertoire is large enough to adapt to the cozy atmosphere of a cocktail but is also able to "heat" a room to pass the relay to a DJ for example.

- Charlie in Solo! : The repertoire lasts about 2 x 45mn. The "crooner" sings solo accompanied by his piano.


Once upon a time in the cobblestone streets of the old town of Lille, there were two friends who had in common only their taste for a certain grape variety to be kept secret.

Their meeting was placed under the sign of the music, the etioles and the night of the night, proper to the great north of France.


For the material, Charlie is independent! Whether it's the instruments, the sound system (2x500W) and a few LED sets to "color" a room if needed, Charlie has everything you need.

Here is a VIDEO of our artist.


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