Our bubbles by Seizeart

Appealing to an event and / or artistic agency to assist you in the development of your events is not only the guarantee of a successful organization but also for the purpose of receiving personalized advice and concepts artistic custom. Our strong point: the artistic concepts, the placement of artists, the tailor-made shows! The financial return is certainly difficult to project during the development of the event but it remains unquestionably a guarantee of quality. It "ends" your event, it gives the final and personal touch of your company / brand. When the service is perfect for the type of guests, we guarantee you a memorable souvenir of your event. Event agency, 16ART combines the creativity and implementation of artistic shows with the know-how of marketing and communication. We offer tailor-made creative and innovative solutions in order to implement a global communication adapted to market demands for any type of structure


Today we offer our bubbles which are often ordered during meetings, trade shows, fashion shows and other events to highlight the brands of companies.


Wandering bubbles are inflatable bubbles in which our artists take place. These artists can be dancers, models, dancers on spikes, acrobats ... Wandering bubbles move either on the ground or on the water. They undoubtedly give a dynamic touch to your event and bring a touch of creativity.

Whether at the reception, for the reception of your guests, on a stage or in a beautiful garden, our wandering bubbles offer magic and enchantment to your event.

If this service, exclusive in Belgium, intrigues you and you want more information, do not hesitate to contact the agency 16ART at +32 (0) 495 / 16.19.69 or visit our website www.seizeart .be.