Percussionists 5000 Namur

An art agency like Seizeart is the solution for your events. Located in the Namur region, in Wierde it offers a choice of more than 160 artists who travels throughout Wallonia, Brussels Capital, the north of France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Review of Brazilian dancers, bartenders jugglers or waders, Seizeart to do what to animate your events.
Having a DJ for his evening is great, but a percussionist on 5000 Namur to put an unusual atmosphere to your evening is even better! In improvisation and adapting with all styles of music our percussionists on 5000 Namur will make you dance, you and your guests on the dancefloor until the end of the night!
Services that Seizeart proposes for a live percussionist on 5000 Namur:
The goal of our artistic agency is to offer a quality service to its clients and artists, both in the administrative and in the field. Discover the options available for a performance of one of our live percussionists on 5000 Namur:
• A visual and musical show. You will spend an evening you will remember for a long time and a real show will be offered. In perfect symbiosis with your audience, they will bring a plus to your event.
• In perfect harmony. Alone but also with the complicity of a DJ or a singer, they play in perfect harmony with his artists and complete your animation to make it even more musical.
• Customized playlist. By preventing 3 weeks before your event, our artists will be happy to play the music according to your request. Only condition, you must prevent up to 3 weeks in advance if the requested piece or pieces are not in their playlists. But no worries, our musicians and percussionists on 5000 Namur have a very wide choice of music.
Advantages of our live percussionist services on 5000 Namur:
With 11 years of experience, our artistic agency must offer its customers a service and quality artists. Discover the many advantages you get by ordering one of our artists here:
• Close and listening. Indeed we ensure a good administrative follow-up, as much for our customers as for our artists. We want to ensure that your event is organized to perfection, so we will make every effort to achieve it. Let us know your expectations and we will advise you on the best choices.
• Perfectly. Before entering our agency, we ask our future musicians to do a live casting beforehand, this cast will determine if they are suitable for our agency and we will know all of our artists on the fingertips.
• Adaptable to all your events. An evening in a club, an anniversary, a wedding or a corporate event, our artists can adapt to any type of services.
Book now one of our live percussionists, it's easy! Click on the button "Book this service" and fill out the form that will appear and you will receive an answer by email within 2 hours (working hours) that will answer all your questions and inform you about the available artists. You will also receive a quote for your service.
You will indicate the basic coordinates, the date and the exact place of the event as well as the desired artist or group of artists. This is also where you will tell us about your artistic requirements for the smooth running of your event. Contact us for more information. We will be happy to communicate with you and your team on your expectations and submit the most consistent ideas to your project.