Hypnosis ... intriguing performance

16Art, our artistic agency in Wierde near Namur, offers artists' performance placements. With more than 200 different artists and our experience for 12 years, we are sure to offer quality services and professional artists. Your event will be unforgettable. We can offer saxophonists, waders or Brazilian dancers.

The first of these questions, of course, is "what is hypnosis? "

Simply a state of being, as natural as that of sleep or that of awakening. This is called an altered state of consciousness. To make it clearer, you have already left your home in the morning to get to work, to get there and to realize that you do not know what has happened in the meantime. you have seen, possibly to whom you spoke. You probably could not say on the moment by which you passed. What happened ? A part of you got disconnected from the rest and took over the "work: getting you to work safe and sound as soon as possible" while another part of you took care of something else. In a way you were in a hypnotic state.

So some will tell you that this is an area where you have more space, others will tell you that you are in direct contact with your subconscious, some will even tell you that you are connected with your soul or with the universe and others that you are rushing into the arms of the demon.

And well at Seizeart we thought to make you discover hypnosis with artists as professional as it is for a company party, walking dinner or dinner show ... You will be impressed with this kind of service and you remember it for a long time.

Want to discover this service ... So do not hesitate, book now for your event. Nothing more simple: you can contact us via the contact tab, fill out the form and you will receive an email with a personalized quote. We remain available for further information via our phone number 0495 / 16.19.69 our central office is accessible every day from 8:30 to 23h or via our email address info@seizeart.be.