Our little comedian 5000 Namur

Seizeart is a Namur agency, which offers various services in order to animate an event all over Belgium, in the north of France as well as in Luxembourg. From the Brazilian magazine to live saxophonists or close-up magicians, you have a wide choice of artistic, professional and original events for your events.
What is a small comedian? What is he doing? Does he move on 5000 Namur?
For your events in 5000 Namur, give way to the strange and the original with these actors of small sizes. At SeizeArt, we make every effort to make your event a success. How do you do it?
• The different roles proposed by our artists. You have the possibility to choose different services for 5000 Namur. We offer you dwarves or actors of small sizes on 5000 Namur to take several roles: the dwarves can be put at the reception of the guests, the dwarves can take photos and to make laugh your guests. But the dwarves can also offer a show in their own right: on stage or in ambulatory, they will imitate famous actors as well as famous music groups. Thus, you will have the opportunity to see the 'Men In Black', the group 'Kiss' or the group 'LMFAO'. All this in mini version. Be sure your guests will be pleasantly surprised and not disappointed.
• Adaptable outfits. Obviously, our dwarves will not wander in a bikini among the crowd! But they can adapt very well to your expectations by wearing a three-piece suit or disguising themselves. We can, upon confirmation of your reservation, arrange an appointment with the Artistic Director to agree on a suit suitable for your event on 5000 Namur.
• The duration of benefits. Our dwarves adapt to your request by providing the duration you want. It's in the form of a 15, 30 or 45 minute passage that our artists will do what you ask them to do. All this on 5000 Namur.
The advantages of SeizeArt for dwarf services in 5000 Namur
Order a service at SeizeArt is to be sure to enjoy the best benefits without ever being disappointed:
• Our dwarves know what they are doing: the company's policy is to serve customers what we would like to see ourselves. We regularly set up castings to meet the artists so that you will never be disappointed. The 160 artists present in our agency are all, without exception, professionals who practice their profession for several years, they move on 5000 Namur.
• Our team SeizeArt is also: the advantage when going through an agency is that you will never be planted the day of your event (difficult to avoid by going through the net). After your request, we will send you a detailed estimate as well as prices and technical explanations with fees on 5000 Namur. After booking, we will provide you with a follow-up of your event (a h24 hotline is available if there should be a problem) and after this one, we will send you a form to complete to improve the quality of your event. our services (if necessary) or simply so that you can return us from your event.
• Your image through us: all our dwarves without exception are briefed on the procedure to follow during your event. Our artists are the image of our agency but also, and above all, the image of your event. And that we can not neglect.
Book now your dwarf on 5000 Namur
To book our dwarves, you can contact us via our contact page. You will then have an answer by MAIL in the 2H with all the explanations, the pictures of the artists available and their rates including travel.
Call us on +32 (0) 495/161 969, we can certainly help you!
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