New artists "Duo piano-voice or guitarist"

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New artist today that we present: "Wendy duo-voice"

I let you discover our artist ...

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I started music at age 18 with music theory, violin and classical singing.

But the academy was my second option because I wanted to find a singing teacher in variety and not in classical music. After 5 years of rigorous lessons and an expansion of my circle of friends in the music world, I finally got acquainted with a singing teacher in variety.

Subsequently 5 teachers followed and I made the decision to make contests. But during these 5 years a lot of discouragement, disappointment because I stayed and could only do the voice of head. Bad techniques also brought me to an ENT and a sung speech therapist. It took me over 1 year to recover and relearn to sing.


I did not discover my voice of variety (of chest or full voice) that 7 years after towards 25 years.

And there, the vocal evolution was growing as well as the discovery of a professor of lyric singing, an extraordinary woman, on Brussels. She taught me to sing with my body and respect it.

Meanwhile, the desire to join a group with musicians was constant and I joined my first group in 2007. And since being part of a group is part of my daily life.

I also had the chance to participate in two musicals, a cover of "Don Juan" and "Romeo and Juliet", experiences rich in emotions.


I stopped the singing competitions.

I currently have a pop-rock band "2Day"

And an acoustic group Duo of guitar-voice or piano-voice notes.

"Music is my life, my oxygen is only where I really feel."

Let yourself be seduced by this artist who I am sure will leave you speechless ;-)

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