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The review category music hall groups different troupes and magazines. This category of show is often confused because there is really a huge selection of choices in artistic terms. In this article, I present our review cabaret / french cancan, suitable for all your events.

The French Cancan is a form of musical and choreographic show, in which dancers (only) practice the famous step, thigh lift and leg down. They dance in a row facing the public, dressed in dresses composed of multiple petticoats. French Cancan can be the only magazine or it can be included in a Parisian magazine. Its duration varies from 10 to 20 minutes, in 1 single pass and up to 3 passages.

The Parisian magazine is the sensual performance par excellence, the one that can be seen in the famous cabarets of Paris like Le Lido or Le Moulin Rouge. It consists of a leader and several dancers. Depending on the chosen formula, a singer (s) or a transformist can be included in the performance. Its duration varies between 80 minutes and 90 minutes, the service being divided into two parts.

When the words French Cancan and Parisian magazine resonate in the ear, all sorts of images jostle! Large feathers, beautiful young ladies, impressive leg lifts and elegant and festive dances; in fact, a show full of energy delicately embellished with colors and glitter! The artists of French Cancan and magazine have always dreamed of their beauty, elegance and talent. 16ART has unearthed the artists capable of ensuring such a spectacle. These multidisciplinary shows combine singing, dancing and humor to satisfy everyone's tastes and offer a varied and rhythmic performance. The naughty and euphoric characters of the Parisian magazine 16ART will make you discover this fascinating world of Music Halls!

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