New artists "Duo piano-voice or guitarist"

16Art, our artistic agency in Wierde near Namur, offers artists' performance placements. With more than 200 different artists and our experience for 13 years, we are sure to offer quality services and professional artists. Your event will be unforgettable. We can offer saxophonists, waders or Brazilian dancers.

New artist today that we present: "Wendy duo-voice"

I let you discover our artist ...

Looking for:

I started music at age 18 with music theory, violin and classical singing.

But the academy was my second option because I wanted to find a singing teacher in variety and not in classical music. After 5 years of rigorous lessons...

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Percussionists 6000 Charleroi

An art agency like Seizeart is the solution for your events. Located in the Namur region, in Wierde it offers a choice of more than 160 artists who travels throughout Wallonia, Brussels Capital, the north of France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Review of Brazilian dancers, bartenders jugglers or waders, Seizeart to do what to animate your events.
Having a DJ for his evening is great, but a percussionist on 6000 Charleroi to put an atmosphere out of the ordinary at your party is even better! In improvisation and which adapts with all the styles of music our percussionists on 6000 Charleroi will make you dance, you and your guests on...

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Wouaw nos acrobates aériens de SeizeArt!

16Art, notre agence artistique située dans la région de Namur, propose le placement de nombreux artistes variés pour vos événements. En passant par les musiciens, les saxophonistes ou les chanteurs, avec notre large choix de plus de 160 artistes différents, nous pourrons mettre en place des prestations de grès de vos envies pour s'accorder parfaitement à votre événement.

Parmi nos 200 artistes, nous avons des acrobates et notamment, des acrobates peuvent réaliser des prouesses aériennes avec des tissus, des cerceaux et des trapèzes. C'est à vous de choisir, nous vous conseillons et nous nous accordons par rapport à vos envies. Votre...

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Hostesses and Stewards 1000 Brussels

16ART offers innovative hosting solutions with highly qualified and competent staff. Our reception services include:
• Reception of guests, cloakroom, distribution of flyers, photo booth with your guests (usually models or hostesses V.I.P.), placement plan table, accompaniment of V.I.P.
A national and international scope (we work with a pool of staff available throughout Belgium)
In a world where competition is increasingly felt, service and professionalism play a key role in business...

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A juggling barman for an event succeeds

Do you want a different touch on your next party? A little something out of the ordinary? Use a bartender juggler from the agency 16ART. This is the bartender you need! A juggling barman is not just a bartender who prepares and serves nice cocktails. Our various juggling bartenders are experts in the art of impressing. When you use a bartender juggler from the agency 16ART, you do not care. All you need to do is provide the drinks and our juggling barman takes care of the rest. Whatever the theme of your event, whether your evening is private or not, our bartender juggler perfectly fits what you want.

We had the chance to perform this...

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Fire Spitter 6000 Charleroi

You all know our agency Seizeart located in the heights of Namur specifically in Wierde. We offer high-end artistic services. Our artists are all professionals in the artistic world and they move throughout the Benelux, northern France and Luxembourg to meet a maximum of customers. Whether you are looking for a fire-eater, a fire-spitter, a fire juggler at 6000 Charleroi, 16ART, your event and artistic agency has the solution.
You have everything prepared for your garden party, your product launch party, your opening bar but you have forgotten the little artistic touch? You do not want to put in place big technical needs like a podium for...

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Representation of our artist ELENA - Garage Llorens

All 16Art violinists are known and recognized artists in their discipline in Belgium. Mastering their art to perfection, their reputation is second to none.

Tomorrow Elena will have the opportunity to perform at the AUDI NIGHT party in Neufchâteau.

Here are all possibilities:

A violinist and a DJ (live intervention-the electric violin adapts to all musical styles without imposed playlist)

A quartet of violinists (in acoustic, electric or classical version)

A feminine trio in ambulation (classical music, Lounge, jazz, French and international songs, gypsy, disco, electro ...). Never seen: these violinists play in bubbles (on the water...

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Halloween is coming soon ... think about it

Our agency, which is based in Namur, takes care of placing artists throughout Belgium, the north of France and Luxembourg. Among the services we offer, saxophonists, Brazilian dancers but also more than 200 other artists.

You all know the Halloween party is fast approaching. As every year we offer various services to scare the youngest but also the greatest. This year again we will bring you into this atmosphere of terror.

To do this, our agency thought to offer you several original services that you can enjoy I'm sure. Whether it's dance level, fire show or light show we have what you need.

First of all our dancing gogos and dancers...

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Hypnotist 1000 Brussels

SeizeArt, an artist placement agency based in Belgium, offers a large selection of artists in 1000 Brussels and entertainment for your corporate events in 1000 Brussels. Nothing better than Brazilian dancers, violinists, body painting or a fakir to welcome your guests in a special way during your event in 1000 Brussels. With our wide range of services, you choose what you want!


The first of these questions, of course, is "what is hypnosis about 1000 Brussels? "

Simply a state of being, as natural as that of sleep or that of awakening. This is called an altered state of consciousness. To make it clearer, you have already left your...

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Find our artist Oliver A ... On the green square in Huy this Saturday 25/08

Do you want an event that is out of the ordinary with an artistic touch?

Do not hesitate to call the Seizeart event and art agency! We offer tailor-made artistic events that adapt to both your requests and your expectations on the day. We perform a show according to your budget and your type of event. Whether a cocktail-dinner, an opening night, an open house, an anniversary and many other events, we are here to create a surprise among your guests. We create according to your needs and your desires the ideal services. You want a musical atmosphere? We have many talents among our artists. Whether our singers, with or without dancers, live...

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