Our little comedian 5000 Namur

Seizeart is a Namur agency, which offers various services in order to animate an event all over Belgium, in the north of France as well as in Luxembourg. From the Brazilian magazine to live saxophonists or close-up magicians, you have a wide choice of artistic, professional and original events for your events.
What is a small comedian? What is he doing? Does he move on 5000 Namur?
For your events in 5000 Namur, give way to the strange and the original with these actors of small sizes. At SeizeArt, we make every effort to make your event a success. How do you do it?
• The different roles proposed by our artists. You have the possibility to...

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Our oriental dancers. When? Tomorrow at Golden Palace. Or? In Jemeppes on the Meuse.

16Art is a Belgian art agency that has a wide range of artists performing breathtaking performances throughout Wallonia, Brussels-Capital, the north of France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Among the services that 16Art offers, discover our hostesses / steward, our equestrian shows or our oriental dancers.

We are pleased to announce that our dancers will perform tomorrow evening at GOLDEN PALACE in Jemeppes sur Meuse.

They will dazzle you with their extraordinary dance show. Solo, duo or group, these artists come straight from the East will give you a moment equal to one thousand and one night. You will not be disappointed ! Also,...

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BARMAN JONGLEUR 6000 Charleroi

16Art is an agency and events Belgian (6000 Charleroi). She specializes in placing artists for your events, whatever they are. From a company party to a birthday through a teambuilding, you can choose from our panel of 160 artists of all types.
And besides, 16Art has the great pleasure to announce the return in force of its juggling bartender on 6000 Charleroi! In search of a colorful animation that will keep your guests amazed while making them taste delicious cocktails? A bartender juggler on 6000 Charleroi is what you need!
Why order the performance of a bartender juggler on 6000 Charleroi at 16Art? Because in addition to juggling, he...

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Event of 05/08 The inauguration of the restaurant Le Lokal at the castle of Neuville in Huy

We are always proud to share the feedback from our customers.

This Sunday took place the inauguration of the restaurant Le Lokal at the castle of Neuville in Huy

it was a success artistic point of view.

- Reception service / secretariat (availability and quality of our information): 10/10

Comment / point to improve:

- Quality service (according to your order, punctuality, ...): 10/10
Comment / point to improve:

- The artist or the group of artists (politeness, respect of the delivery time, ...): 10/10
Comment / point to improve:


Everything was very good (10/10)! Thank you :-)

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Equestrian show 5000 Namur

16Art is a Namur art agency (Belgium) that has a wide range of artists on your events throughout Wallonia, Brussels-Capital, the North of France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Among the services that 16Art offers, discover the burlesque shows as well as the luminous artists in 1000 Brussels.

Today we (re) present an artist who offers a wide range of different services in 1000 Brussels. Mascha, professional artist confirmed, offers unique shows of their kind:


THE SERVICES OFFERED BY 16ART FOR THE Equestrian Shows in 1000 Brussels

The principle of our artistic agency is to offer our clients quality shows in 1000 Brussels. Discover...

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NEW RECRUIT .. Sissi! belly dancer

Our agency Seizeart is located in the heights of Namur, especially in Wierde. Our agency counts more than 200 Artists. Whether you are looking for a saxophonist or oriental dancers you are at the right place. We make every effort to satisfy everyone's requests ... But we also offer our singers by Seizeart for your wedding or simply an anniversary, a staff party or the opening of your store.

Today we are honoring: SISSI

Originally from Namur, Sissi has been practicing oriental dance for more than 10 years.Its originality.It mixes different styles, merging the footsteps of oriental dance with Bollywwod style, cabaret, contemporary,...

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Hypnosis ... intriguing performance

16Art, our artistic agency in Wierde near Namur, offers artists' performance placements. With more than 200 different artists and our experience for 12 years, we are sure to offer quality services and professional artists. Your event will be unforgettable. We can offer saxophonists, waders or Brazilian dancers.

The first of these questions, of course, is "what is hypnosis? "

Simply a state of being, as natural as that of sleep or that of awakening. This is called an altered state of consciousness. To make it clearer, you have already left your home in the morning to get to work, to get there and to realize that you do not know what has...

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Our SAXOPHONISTS 1000 Brussels

SeizeArt, an artist placement agency based in Belgium, offers a large selection of artists in 1000 Brussels and entertainment for your corporate events in 1000 Brussels. Nothing better than Brazilian dancers, violinists, body painting or a fakir to welcome your guests in a special way during your event in 1000 Brussels. With our wide range of services, you choose what you want!
For a jazzy animation, 16Art offers you its saxophonists. We recruited the best saxophonists and saxophone band for our clientele in 1000 Brussels. Perfect for a private party, an evening in a club or for your business, these copper pros will be able to give this...

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16 ART to the solution to animate the birthday of your little loulou :-)

For 13 years, 16Art, our artistic agency located in Wierde in the region of Namur, offers artists placements for any type of event throughout Belgium, the north of France and Luxembourg. With our large panel of more than 200 artists, we are sure to offer you the best performance for your evening. We offer for example small actors, luminous artists or even musical groups.

16Art offers many diversified services for adults but do not forget the children! Our artistic agency offers all kinds of entertainment for them. Are you planning a birthday or children's party and would you like to call on an artist? We are here for you !

Our artists...

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Brazilian dancers by Seizeart 1000 Brussels

SeizeArt, a Namur art agency, offers a large selection of artists and animations for your corporate events. Nothing better than a 1000 Brussels saxophone, a juggling barman on 1000 Brussels or a hostess and a steward on 1000 Brussels to welcome your guests. With our wide range of services, you choose what you want!
A luxurious magazine, a colorful show, captivating and culturally rich, 16Art offers a group of Brazilian 1000 Brussels dancers straight from Brazil. Exclusively in our agency, you will not find anywhere else! Perfect for a private party or for your business, this troupe has more than one trick in its bag to dazzle you!

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