Our little comedian 7000 Mons

Seizeart is a Namur agency, which offers various services in order to animate an event all over Belgium, in the north of France as well as in Luxembourg. From the Brazilian magazine to live saxophonists or close-up magicians, you have a wide choice of artistic, professional and original events for your events.
What is a small comedian? What is he doing? Does he move on 7000 Mons?
For your events at 7000 Mons, give way to the strange and the original with these actors of small sizes. At SeizeArt, we make every effort to make your event a success. How do you do it?
• The different roles proposed by our artists. You have the possibility to...

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Body painting ... original and tailor-made! Think about it?

16Art is an artistic agency in the Namur region, which has a wide range of artists. Indeed, with more than 200 artists, we offer artists all over Belgium, the north of France and Luxembourg. Among the benefits that 16Art offers, discover juggling bartenders, violinists and aerial fabrics.


What do we propose?

Use Body Painting to advertise in an original way. Indeed, the best way to spread a message and stay in memory is to play on the visual and the surprise. 16Art offers you the Body Painting service anywhere in Belgium.
What is Body Painting?
Body painting is an extremely complex discipline that requires a very sharp know-how....

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Our artist placement agency based in Namur and named 16Art offers a large selection of artists for all kinds of events in 7000 Mons. A corporate event? A private party at 7000 Mons? From the magician, musical groups or the show of Brazilian dancers, our agency has the solution!
We are talking about a show, a real one! We offer shock artists for a very chic and Parisian show at 7000 Mons. Our magazine cabaret / dinner shows will transport you to the heart of the Moulin Rouge and Paris. Perfect for a big evening worthy of the biggest cabarets in 7000 Mons!

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Event Hilton Brussels on 19/06

Hello Laetitia,


Thank you for your participation and your great availability regarding the organization of the event last night, shared pleasure to have worked with you. I hope you had a good time!

 Here are my answers for your questionnaire:


- Reception service / secretariat (availability and quality of our information): 10/10
Comment / point to improve: High availability, efficient and fast communication of information by mail and phone.

- Quality service (according to your order, punctuality, ...): 10/10
Comment / point to improve: Good punctuality. Quality of the service in accordance with what was requested, the only number...

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New service ... Energize your professional meetings with

For 13 years, 16Art, our artistic agency located in Wierde in the region of Namur, offers artists placements for any type of event throughout Belgium, the north of France and Luxembourg. With our large panel of more than 200 artists, we are sure to offer you the best performance for your evening. We offer for example small actors, luminous artists or even musical groups.

Today we offer something quite different. That is to say: Energize your professional meetings with "DAISY CROQUETTE".

You organize a project presentation, an information session, an inauguration, a conference, a debate, a team-event, ... or even a team meeting, a...

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Dance pole course 5500 Dinant

Whether you are looking for a pole dance teacher, a pole dance animation, a twerk animation at 5500 Dinant, Seizeart, your artistic agency has the solution.
You have everything ready for the bachelor party of your girlfriend, or birthday but you have forgotten the little artistic touch? You do not want to put in place big technical needs, nor large budgets?
The pole dance teacher or the pole dance animation can be the ideal and ideal solution for your girls' party.
What can a pole dance teacher offer for your event on 5500 Dinant?
- a personalized surprise to your friend
- a real pro course but in a fun form
The pole dance teacher or the pole...

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New artist ... Hanton Hypnosis :-) To give an exceptional touch to your evening.

16Art, our artistic agency in Wierde near Namur, offers artists' performance placements. With more than 200 different artists and our experience for 12 years, we are sure to offer quality services and professional artists. Your event will be unforgettable. We can offer saxophonists, waders or Brazilian dancers.

Today I present to you: Hanton


History of our artist.

"For many years the functioning of the human brain has always pushed me to seek a lot of information on it.


But it was really in 2008 that I became interested in the subconscious or unconscious, and then I read a lot of books on the subject, and the function of it on a...

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Fire Spitter 4000 Liège

You all know our agency Seizeart located in the heights of Namur specifically in Wierde. We offer high-end artistic services. Our artists are all professionals in the artistic world and they move throughout the Benelux, northern France and Luxembourg to meet a maximum of customers. Whether you are looking for a fire-breathing, fire-spitting, fire juggler at 4000 Liège, 16ART, your event and artistic agency has the solution.

You have everything prepared for your garden party, your product launch party, your opening bar but you have forgotten the little artistic touch? You do not want to put in place big technical needs like a podium for...

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Do you want a different touch on your next party? A little something out of the ordinary? Use a bartender juggler from the agency 16ART.

This is the bartender you need! A juggling barman is not just a bartender who prepares and serves nice cocktails. Our various juggling bartenders are experts in the art of impressing. When you use a bartender juggler from the agency 16ART, you do not care. All you need to do is provide the drinks and our juggling barman takes care of the rest. Whatever the theme of your event, whether your evening is private or not, our bartender juggler perfectly fits what you want.

If you would like to call on a...

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Our belly dancers 7000 Mons

SeizeArt, your artist placement agency in Belgium, offers a wide range of artistic services for your corporate events in 7000 Mons. Nothing better than a bartender juggler, a Brazilian magazine or a hostess and a steward to welcome your guests. With more than 160 artists, you have a wide choice of different artistic performances!
Want to live and offer your guests and guests a unique Arabian nights that will leave you with a sweet taste at 7000 Mons? A colorful show, captivating and culturally rich, 16Art offers you an oriental dancer, a duet or her group of oriental dancers at 7000 Mons. Originally from Brussels and excellent for over 5...

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