Percussionists 1000 Brussels

An art agency like Seizeart is the solution for your events. Located in the Namur region, in Wierde it offers a choice of more than 160 artists who travels throughout Wallonia, Brussels Capital, the north of France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Review of Brazilian dancers, bartenders jugglers or waders, Seizeart to do what to animate your events.
Having a DJ for his evening is great, but a percussionist on 1000 Brussels to put an unusual atmosphere to your evening is even better! In improvisation and which adapts with all the styles of music our percussionists on 1000 Brussels will make you dance, you and your guests on the dancefloor...

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Wouawww what's new at Seizeart ... New musical groups with different styles.

16Art is a Belgian art agency that has a wide range of artists performing breathtaking performances throughout Wallonia, Brussels-Capital, the north of France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Among the services that 16Art offers, discover our hostesses / steward, our equestrian shows or our oriental dancers.

New recruit at 16Art!

16Art, artistic and events agency, specialized in the placement of artists of all kinds wants to regularly propose new artists.

Today it is different groups of music "Jazz", "Funcky" and "rock" that we propose.



It's now more than a decade ago that this sober line-up, flanked by 4...

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Our violinists 4000 Liège

16Art, our artistic agency in 4000 Liège offers a wide choice of artist performances throughout Belgium, the north of France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Among our artists, you can find a burlesque show, caricaturists and waders.
What do we propose on the 74000 Liège side to give you the missing musical touch to your event?
16Art is committed to offering quality shows of violin artists at 4000 Liège. The choice of artists is yours: solo or in a group. You can choose from the map one or more violinists, you can also choose the combination of a live violinist accompanied by a DJ at 4000 Liège. You choose whether you want the...

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We are ready to make you pass the New Year's mark

SeizeArt is an event and art agency based in Belgium (Namur). She takes care of placing artists in nightlife events, corporate events or private events such as birthdays or stag / hen parties. Among all the services that Eventslisa offers, we offer you hostesses, saxophonists or even fire-eaters. You have the choice between more than 200 artists.

To pass the cape of the new year our artists fold in 4 to make you spend an evening of madness. The costumes are adapted to your theme, our schedules are obviously adapted to your desires.

You will understand that we make every effort to satisfy your requests and so be able to enjoy your...

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VIP Hostesses 1000 Brussels

Are you preparing for an event in 1000 Brussels where you need VIP hostesses to highlight your brand or your location? Look no further, you are in good hands.
What is VIP Hostess?
A hostess who knows to show above all refinement, elegance, professionalism to any test. Between the ages of 21 and 30, she knows (based on your briefing) the company to promote and spread the values ​​of your company. But it is also a good physique and a foolproof smile.
Whether for classic hostesses in 1000 Brussels, whether for classic hostesses in 1000 Brussels, or for business hostesses in 1000 Brussels, seizeart, your professional hostess agency will be...

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Do not wait any longer before booking Santa

Our agency 16Art is located in the heights of Namur, more particularly in Wierde. Our agency counts more than 200 Artists. Whether you are looking for a saxophonist or oriental dancers you are at the right place. We make every effort to satisfy everyone's requests ... We also offer our singers by Seizeart for your wedding or simply an anniversary, a staff party or the opening of your store.

But this time if we offer Santa at home :-)

Santa Claus comes every year spoil the smallest but also the greatest. Accompanied by his reindeer and his elves, he stops at your fireplace to give all the gifts you dream!

Our agency Seizeart thought of...

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16Art is an art agency in the region of 1000 Brussels that has a wide range of artists. Indeed, with more than 160 artists, we offer artists all over Belgium, the north of France and Luxembourg. Among the benefits that 16Art offers, discover juggling bartenders, violinists and aerial fabrics.


What do we propose in 1000 Brussels?

Use the Body Painting at 1000 Brussels to make publicity in an original way. Indeed, the best way to spread a message and stay in memory is to play on the visual and the surprise. 16Art offers you the benefit of Body Painting in 1000 Brussels.

What is Body Painting in 1000 Brussels?

Body painting is an...

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Our mission Saint Nicolas ... Louvain la Neuve Gallery

16Art, our artistic agency in Wierde near Namur, offers artists' performance placements. With more than 200 different artists and our experience for 12 years, we are sure to offer quality services and professional artists. Your event will be unforgettable. We can offer saxophonists, waders or Brazilian dancers.

Today we would like to thank our team for the great work they have done during 6 days in the Louvain la Neuve galleries to offer your little ones an unforgettable memory ... The meeting with Saint Nicolas, without forgetting Father Whip and our charming hostess to accompany you throughout this waiting to access our great Saint....

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SeizeArt, a Namur art agency, offers a large selection of artists and animations for your corporate events. Nothing better than a 1000 Brussels saxophone, a juggling barman on 1000 Brussels or a hostess and a steward on 1000 Brussels to welcome your guests. With our wide range of services, you choose what you want!
A luxurious magazine, a colorful show, captivating and culturally rich, 16Art offers a group of Brazilian 1000 Brussels dancers straight from Brazil. Exclusively in our agency, you will not find anywhere else! Perfect for a private party or for your business, this troupe has more than one trick in its bag to dazzle you!

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