Our oriental dancers 1000 Brussels

SeizeArt, your artist placement agency in Belgium, offers a wide range of artistic services for your corporate events in 1000 Brussels. Nothing better than a bartender juggler, a Brazilian magazine or a hostess and a steward to welcome your guests. With more than 160 artists, you have a wide choice of different artistic performances!
Want to live and offer your guests and guests a unique Arabian nights that will leave you with a sweet taste in 1000 Brussels? A colorful, captivating and culturally rich show, 16Art offers you an oriental dancer, a duet or her group of oriental dancers in 1000 Brussels. Originally from Brussels and excellent...

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Our bubbles by Seizeart

Appealing to an event and / or artistic agency to assist you in the development of your events is not only the guarantee of a successful organization but also for the purpose of receiving personalized advice and concepts artistic custom. Our strong point: the artistic concepts, the placement of artists, the tailor-made shows! The financial return is certainly difficult to project during the development of the event but it remains unquestionably a guarantee of quality. It "ends" your event, it gives the final and personal touch of your company / brand. When the service is perfect for the type of guests, we guarantee you a memorable...

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Brazilian dancers by Seizeart 5000 Namur

SeizeArt, a Namur art agency, offers a large selection of artists and animations for your corporate events. Nothing better than a 5000 Namur saxophone, a bartender juggler on 5000 Namur or a hostess and a steward on 5000 Namur to welcome your guests. With our wide range of services, you choose what you want!
A luxurious magazine, a colorful show, captivating and culturally rich, 16Art offers a group of Brazilian dancers 5000 Namur come straight from Brazil. Exclusively in our agency, you will not find anywhere else! Perfect for a private party or for your business, this troupe has more than one trick in its bag to dazzle you!

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New recruit - artistic troupe

16Art, our artistic agency in Wierde near Namur, offers artists' performance placements. With more than 200 different artists and our experience for 12 years, we are sure to offer quality services and professional artists. Your event will be unforgettable. We can offer saxophonists, waders or Brazilian dancers.
New artists: Julie and Sébastien who represents the troupe "Edana foa"

The story began just a year ago, when Julie aka Draksis met Sebastian aka Urubleidd and decided to create their own artistic troupe together. Coming from both backgrounds and different artistic troupe they decide to embark on their own adventure, just recently...

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Our artist placement agency based in Namur and named 16Art offers a large selection of artists for all kinds of events in 1000 Brussels. A corporate event? A private party in 1000 Brussels? From the magician, musical groups or the show of Brazilian dancers, our agency has the solution!
We are talking about a show, a real one! We offer shock artists for a very chic and Parisian show in 1000 Brussels. Our magazine cabaret / dinner shows will transport you to the heart of the Moulin Rouge and Paris. Perfect for a great evening worthy of the biggest cabarets in 1000 Brussels!

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This year you are getting married, only you do not want to do like the others and want to bring an original touch to this unique day! You have to think about the room, the caterer, the cake, the dress, the tuxedo, the guests and much more.

As for the artists, we take care of them! Whether you want a saxophonist, a DJ or a fire-eater, you can trust us 100%. You will never be disappointed. We even think of the smaller blond heads.

But what to choose? A musician ? A dancer ? A Dj?

You can enter a request via our website. As quickly as possible, within two business hours, we will send you a detailed quote of all the ideas you have issued....

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Percussionists 1000 Brussels

An art agency like Seizeart is the solution for your events. Located in the Namur region, in Wierde it offers a choice of more than 160 artists who travels throughout Wallonia, Brussels Capital, the north of France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Review of Brazilian dancers, bartenders jugglers or waders, Seizeart to do what to animate your events.
Having a DJ for his evening is great, but a percussionist on 1000 Brussels to put an unusual atmosphere to your evening is even better! In improvisation and which adapts with all the styles of music our percussionists on 1000 Brussels will make you dance, you and your guests on the dancefloor...

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Wouawww what's new at Seizeart ... New musical groups with different styles.

16Art is a Belgian art agency that has a wide range of artists performing breathtaking performances throughout Wallonia, Brussels-Capital, the north of France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Among the services that 16Art offers, discover our hostesses / steward, our equestrian shows or our oriental dancers.

New recruit at 16Art!

16Art, artistic and events agency, specialized in the placement of artists of all kinds wants to regularly propose new artists.

Today it is different groups of music "Jazz", "Funcky" and "rock" that we propose.



It's now more than a decade ago that this sober line-up, flanked by 4...

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Our violinists 4000 Liège

16Art, our artistic agency in 4000 Liège offers a wide choice of artist performances throughout Belgium, the north of France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Among our artists, you can find a burlesque show, caricaturists and waders.
What do we propose on the 74000 Liège side to give you the missing musical touch to your event?
16Art is committed to offering quality shows of violin artists at 4000 Liège. The choice of artists is yours: solo or in a group. You can choose from the map one or more violinists, you can also choose the combination of a live violinist accompanied by a DJ at 4000 Liège. You choose whether you want the...

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