16ART in the horse show comes in 4 multidisciplinary equestrian numbers:

MESSENGERS OF ZYRKHÔN: ambulatory number fairytale costume participatory, adaptable day / night (LED fans or fire). No technical installation required.
INVESTIGATIONS ZYRKHÔNIENNES: Participatory Performance: Equestrian improvisation proximity to steam-punk accents.
Is played in the middle of the public and requires no technical installation. The horse follows Mascha in the crowd, in a tent, in a bar, restaurant, reception .. It is considered here as an actor in its own right and the audience participates in the performance. 

BABA-YAGA: Track number, tribal, handling the fire on foot (inflamed peas) dressage horse away in the wild, equestrian fantasy (figures show) and operation of the fire horse (fans of the reins to the fire belt).
This is a very special number, unique and interactive training of the horse from a distance and in total freedom.
The public is invited to the backstage, behind the scenes of the show. Mascha it unveils comically on the techniques of training a horse show. The audience participates in number and some secrets of her training will be even revealed ...
You will be captivated by these shows that take you into a magical world, a tale of hot poetry, which at the beginning of mankind, the horse consented to trust humans.

With stunning wearing costumes to the show and original music for an unforgettable show!



- Single Equestrian Benefit (figuration, strolling costumed ...) with pyrotechnics.

- Key Numbers on door

- Creation of a show at the map (with decomposition numbers) estimate.