16ART your agency offers you the benefit of our fakir for all your events.

Our fakir offers a range of amazing benefits.

You have a choice: fire-eater, insensitivity to pain, escape with handcuffs, motorcycle death, snake charmer, stilt walkers, ... Each show lasts about 25 minutes and can take place on stage or in the street.


All shows our fakir are tailor to your needs. The varied options can be both private and public, and can occur in all types of locations: cabaret show and lounge, casino, restaurants, shopping centers, ...


The shows and events can also be held in nightclub. You can for example use a snake charmer who will walk in search of the public in the institution for 45 minutes. You can also opt for the provision of a light futuristic Unicorn (LEDs) on stilts, or a fire-breathing evil.

But whatever your choice, our fakir your evening will be quite surprising.