Comedians of small size

16Art Namur is a talent agency that deals to artists throughout Belgium, in the north of France and Luxembourg. It offers a directory of more than 160 artists at your disposal to make your event unique.

In all the services we offer, you will have the opportunity to discover the close-up magicians, stilt walkers or piano-voice services. You can be sure you will find what you are looking for!

What do we offer for the provision of comedians small sizes?

Our artists play multiple roles. You can choose different benefits. Our dwarfs come straight from the north of Holland and prestent for you the biggest names in music mini. So you'll have the chance to see mimic LMFAO, Kiss or Men In Black. In playback on stage or wandering, you have the opportunity to choose what best fits to your event. Our actors of small sizes, they can be in welcoming guests and also walking. Thus, they will be happy to take photos with your guests and will not hesitate to make them laugh.
Costume changes. To stick up for your event, we can choose special costumes for our artists. They will, with pleasure, switch from a 3 piece suit but also a clown costume.
How long is a benefit. It is in the form of passage 15, 30 or 45 minutes that our artists will do what you ask them. Our artists of small size fit your application prestant the duration you want.
The advantages of 16Art for small sizes comedians benefits:

You can be sure that ordering from 16Art, you will never be disappointed with the quality:

Talented professionals: 16Art our artistic agency shall establish regular auditions to find the best artists in their field. Thus, we leave nothing to chance and we can say that you will not be disappointed with the service ordered.
An agency committed to its customers: the advantage through an agency is that you will never be planted on the day of your event (hard to avoid going through the net). After your application, we will send you a detailed quote and prices and technical explanations. After booking, we assure you track your event (direct dial telephone contacted h24 is in place should there be a problem) and after it, we will send you a form to complete in order to improve the quality of our services (if necessary) or simply for you to give us feedback of your event.
A specific briefing: prior to your event, you will provide a detailed list of what to do with our / our artist (s). It will be followed to the letter, we will ensure!
Book now your actors of small sizes in our agency 16Art

To book the service of your choice, you can contact us through our CONTACT page. You will have an answer by MAIL working in 2H (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 17H) with the requested information, and photos, prices and specifications of the artists.
We also place a telephone line for urgent case (we define "emergency" reservations for the same day and for the weekend in progress - that is, from Friday to Monday 16H 10H). Call us at +32 (0) 495/161 969, we can certainly help!