silent film, a perfect marriage between music and images.

In the heart of Wallonia is a named 16Art talent agency, she has no less than 160 active artists in various events throughout Wallonia, Brussels, northern France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Hostesses and stewards for waders or circus artists, you'll find everything you need for a successful event.

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The Duo Lloar Brothers presents, following a framework modeled on the silent cinema, a perfect marriage between music and images.

A dazzling spectacle that takes you to the heart beating revive the Roaring Twenties, the roaring '20s, in a stream of images to frenetic rhythms syncopated beats of jazz.
The Duo will lead you through this decade through among others the origins of jazz, fashion and sports, the world of work and living conditions, Broadway reviews, the film industry and its biggest stars, great composers, the media of the time, gangsters and prohibition, etc. and so as to enable everyone, all ages, to discover, to discover, or rediscover the friendly means of a show in universal language, characters who laugh, cry, fear or dream, or places of situations, patterns, sounds, everything past century history of pan revived under your eyes.



Serious in our work and concerned about the good organization of your event will be organized to measure according to your requests. Discover what you get by ordering one of our artists:

Experience in the world event. Through his 10 years of service in the world of artists placement, 16ART offers quality service close to its artists and clients. Available from 8:30 am to 23h in case of real emergency because forgetfulness happen quickly, we will do our best to satisfy our customers.
Cast to the scene. Our artists have not entered anyhow in our agency, they had a cast in advance before performing on stage. We want to have very good contacts with our artists to be able to better guide them and advise them. Some of our artists began their sometimes very young artistic career and know the world of the scene better than anyone.
custom shows for. To best meet your demands, "stick" literally at your event, we adapt to your technical requirements and your schedules. Live or piped music in piano bar or stroll Vocalist. The customer is king at 16ART.

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