Selfie bollard

The selfie terminal is an original and fun way to animate your events. Plen in the air of time, it is ideal for all your events: weddings, birthdays, commercial animations, seminars corôrate or evenings of company.

It allows customers to keep a souvenir of the event to take away or post on social networks.

Convenient and easy to carry:

The selfie terminal is transported easily on all your events. Lightweight and removable (head, foot, base), it exists in 2 versions, with or without printer.


The terminal allows customers to take pictures either alone or in groups. the final product is printed on a 10X15 cm for the version with printer.

- Several shooting choices: 1 pose or 4 poses.

- Print and send on twitter (global account of the event and Facebook (personal account).

- Record high-resolution photos for use with editing and sharing software.


- Application of a template customizable according to the event.

- With or without printing

- Customize the shooting module to the colors of the event.