Dinamize your professional meetings: Daisy Croquette

Who is she ?

Daisy Croquette is a CLOWN SOCIOLOGIST. Its areas of intervention are all places of life and meeting that exist in any type of organization, at work meetings and in large assemblies. While leaving the frame and the habits, its sparkling and colorful contributions bring another look on serious subjects.


His pilot is Florence Pire. A systemic sociologist, a practitioner of Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approaches, an improviser and a clown, Florence is a trainer, coach and facilitator. An expert on the shifts, she has been involved since 2002 in companies to boost relationships and ways of thinking through unexpected approaches.


Specifically, you contact 16ART and / or Florence who analyzes with you your request and offers tailor-made interventions. Depending on the formula, you send him information that will be used to develop a basic structure. During Daisy's live performances, one part is left to improvise to listen to participants' reactions. After these interventions, a debriefing time can be planned to meta-communicate on the experience and activate the perspectives.