More than an animation, a unique and original experience ...
"Come discover the power of the spirit ..."

Benjamin is a Belgian mentalist who proposes to speak to you about the power of the mind and to explore, with demonstrations in support, the infinite possibilities offered to us by the human brain.


Through various astonishing and amusing experiences, this Namur mentalist will take you to discover the meanders of the spirit and its many facets. Divinations, predictions, influences and mental manipulations will move the limits of knowledge and rationality away.


Neither wizard, quack, marabout, nor hypnotist, Benjamin aims to show you that by combining techniques such as psychology, suggestion, illusionism and theatrical techniques, he can create the illusion of mastering a sixth meaning able to contradict any scientific logic!


An interactive animation based on the communication with the spectator and the game with the public. With humor and tenderness, Benjamin will share moments of astonishment, emotions and laughter!

Will you let yourself be mentalised?