SeizeArt, Namur a talent agency, offers a wide range of artists and entertainment for your corporate events. Nothing better than Brazilian dancers, violinists, body painting or a fakir to greet your guests in a special way. With our wide range of services, it is your choice what you want!


A captivating and original show, 16Art offers a pyrotechnic service offered by professionals. Exclusively in our agency, you will not find anywhere else! Perfect for a private party or for your business, these pros have the fire more than one round in their bag to dazzle you!



The principle of our talent agency is to provide our customers with quality performances. Discover the many possibilities for the provision of juggler or fire eater:



The choice of the artist in your care. In 16ART, you can choose to map one or more pyrotechnic artists (artist juggler fire, fire-breathing, ...). You also have the opportunity to choose if you want a man or a woman. We rely on the fact that you are the only master of your event, so you are 100% satisfied.
Different roles. Our pyrotechnic artists are in home or provided by them between the dish and dessert, again you will have the opportunity to choose what you prefer. Fire eaters, limbo inflamed and may fill these processions ambulatory services.
To go even further. You can also ask the sound equipment, a deejay and a manager on site.



We are certain that our artists offer a real fire show at a corporate event and your guests will remember for a long time. Using the services of SeizeArt is many benefits:



Quality service and close to its customers: Reachable 24H / 24 in case of emergency, 16Art team is listening to you and does everything for you the best advice. Especially, our artists are professional quality.

Professional fire: All artists practicing this discipline are known and recognized artists. Talented wish they mastered their art like no one else in Belgium. Dive into the dazzling world of fire ... Several artists on stage will take you into the magical world that what the fire. During rhythmic sequences, or calmer, a multitude of instruments and sets fire from the most common to the most extravagant, parading before your eyes. Watering cans, ropes, poi, fans, swords, structures and sets fire ... A succession of impressive paintings. New inventions arise over the benefits. Diversity and the number of instruments available - more than 300 creations of fire - allow artists to offer original shows.

A quality show: These two strengths are not neglected and they will make your event will be successful and you will have no organizational problem. Your event will be organized and run by professionals.



To reserve our fire professionals, there is nothing more simple. After click the 'book this service', you will receive by email the artist availability and a quote tailored to your application.




You can specify the date and the exact date of delivery, the artist desired and the exact venue of the animation. You can also specify whether a particular suit's necessary so that our artists best match your evening. Contact us to receive more information. We will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.


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