16Art is a talent agency Namur (Belgium), which has a wide range of artists prestant fiery performances throughout Belgium, northern France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Among the benefits that 16Art hires, discover bartenders juggling flair bartending specialists.


Flair bartending, what is it?


Flair bartending or "juggling bar" is a discipline that involves juggling bottles, glasses and shakers to make cocktails so acrobatic and artistic. This art is so complex that it requires going through schools offering courses deflair bartending.


Strengths of our services juggling bartenders


Our services flair bartenders have some important qualities:


Services performed by European champions of the discipline: Straight from Paris and Luxembourg 16ART offers its flair bartenders juggling bartender or high level!

Amazing spectacle guaranteed: Behind a bar or on stage, this is the ideal solution for the show at private parties, corporate events, evening night life or another. Flair bartending service combines the show just for the eyes of your guests.

An all-inclusive: The all-in includes the total (mobile bar supplies such as alcohol, ice, straws, juice, fruit and glassware if necessary).
If you wish, you can provide your equipment (we will send you the data sheet).

Tailor-made: Price on request according to the number of guests and the number of cocktails.

Classic bartender bartender and juggler: a distinct difference


You'd think a classic bartender bartender can improvise juggler. He did nothing. If there are schools championships in flair bartending is that the discipline is not accessible to all, and requires skill. It is therefore not just to two bottles of vodka between his fingers turn. No, juggling bar is operated in achieving high professional performances vol.Technique discipline, discipline, discipline, daily training and mastery are therefore required to provide a show of flair bartending.


In addition, remember that the primary function of the bartender is to serve its customers with drinks and as the juggler is to provide entertainment to the public.


Propose that our bartender juggler?


Professionals, our bartender jugglers have been proven in competitions and prestigious competition! Impress your guests by offering them an unusual and original animation. So the bartender flair realize cocktails and smoothies very dramatically. Also, for an even more amazing show, our artist adds pyrotechnics breathtaking!



And because the effort is comfort, the animation ends with a tasting of réaliséset cocktails, at the request of the customer with a moving by our professional bartender-juggler evening.


Want to eyeful participants to your event?


Do not hesitate to contact or call +32 (0) 495 / 16.19.69 16Art without further ado, your partner for your events in Wallonia, Brussels, in the north of France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg . The team is available Monday to Friday (9h to 17h). Within 2 hours (business days), you will get a response that will contain all relevant terms (artist photos, availability, rates, ...)