16Art is a talent agency Namur (Belgium), which has a wide range of artists performing fiery performances throughout Wallonia, Brussels-Capital, northern France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Among the benefits 16Art offers, discover bartenders jugglers specialists flair bartending.

Because advertising invades our daily lives, because advertisers are beginning to row-level originality ... 16ART meets the needs of businesses and offers unique solutions, original and most useful! The best way to spread a message and stay in memory is playing visually and surprise.

The services offered 16ART BY FOR BODY PAINTING

16ART as a talent agency must offer a high quality service to its customers. Body painting is a highly complex discipline that requires a very technical know how. Check out the options available for benefits body painteur:
Promote your company, business or trade. The artist painteur body can represent your mark on the body of the model without any problems. Taking into account the complexity of the work and the number of hours that may apply (depending on the difficulty of the chosen paint): the result is dazzling.
Service two in one. In addition to the services of a hostess, you can convey your message or launch your novelty of a totally original and unforgettable way!
Open to the public stands. 16Art offers 2-3 body painting painters for your guests also enjoy and live the experience of body painting. With smaller formats and therefore a shorter time to work. Our artists can share this experience completely handmade to your guests.

We are convinced, the art of body painting to represent your brand or to offer your guests a show is the brainchild of the moment! Trust 16Art services to highlight your logo, you benefit from many advantages:

A present service and listening to its customers: the agency is very meticulous 16Art the choice of artists and ensures quality monitoring to its customers.
Body painteurs quality: Indeed, our artists are professionals of pictorial art and in general our body painteurs, won European awards for their creations body painting.
Custom creations: a surcharge, you can request that the artist creates a pre-model according to your requirements on paper until acceptance of the final model.

To book the delivery of body painting, nothing more simple. Click the reservation service button then you will receive by return mail the artists available for this animation as well as a form to complete and return.

You can specify the date and the exact date of delivery, the desired artist and the exact place where the animation will take place. You can also specify your choices about planning your event or artistic requirements. Contact us to get more information. We will be happy to discuss with you and your team to submit the most coherent ideas for your project.


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