Hostess & steward

16Art, a talent agency Namur has a very wide range of artists of all kinds for your corporate events. A harpist, a fireworks show or a horse show? We have everything you need.

You are looking for hostesses business to host your guests at a corporate or an open house party? You are in the right place at 16Art. The hostesses of business 16Art are very professional and responsive to the values ​​of your company.

The services offered by our hostesses for 16Art & stewards

16Art relies heavily on the professionalism and will ensure to offer you quality stewards & stewardesses. Through briefings issued by your event manager and our manager 16Art booking, business hostesses will receive a briefing and a roadmap to the seat of our agency 2/3 days before the first day of your vent.

They represent your company. The business hostesses closely follow the dress code requested and your recommendations to best represent your company. We can assure you a warm welcome at your event is very important because it is the first impression your customers or that have subcontractors.
+ 60 different costumes. The proposed dress code is usually a black suit (with lengths of skirts / dresses different), and we also offer a scarf in the colors of your logo. But you can also choose a completely different outfit, 16ART benefits of more than 60 different costumes. Another possible option is to print your logo on their shirt or dress. During the briefing, we advise hostesses a similar hairstyle to each of them and a makeup / manicure sober. NEW! 16Art recently has their own dress code in the colors of the agency. A jacket for men and for women a shield with the logo printed on it.
A wide variety of roles. Our business hostesses may also be responsible for managing some unnecessary work. The roles can be very varied and we choose hostesses business according to your request. Welcome guests, cloakroom, distribution of flyers, stand pictures with your guests (usually models or hostesses VIP), map table placement, support of VIP ...
The advantages of 16Art benefits for hostesses or stewards

Our flight attendants are a sure value to make your events more class than ever. Taking 16Art services, you will have many advantages:

Quality service: With our 10 years of experience in the arts, we guarantee you a personalized tracking of your requests and manage your ultra professional events.
Professional: We are filtering applications in the smallest details to provide you with flight attendants serious, professional and appropriate for your event.
The colors of your business: Our hostesses and stewards will be briefed to the adopted policy of your company and better represent you.

Book from now one of our hostesses or stewards or for your event

To book a hostess or stewards, there is nothing easier. After clicking the button booking service, you will receive by return mail artists available for this animation and a form to complete and return.


You can specify the date and the exact date of delivery, the desired and the exact venue of the animation artist. You can also specify whether a suit or staging is nécessaire.Contactez us to receive more information. We will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.


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